I’m a Canadian expat living and working in Macau.

At my core, I’m a student of human ingenuity. It’s a fascination sparked as a kid by a love of ancient history and creating things, and kindled by a life-long interest in culture and anthropology.

One of the greatest gifts of being human is the fourty-thousand years of people before us figuring stuff out. In the information age all this knowledge is ubiquitous: the key is to love learning and to find ways to share your ideas and passions with others. My skills may be self-taught, but the drive to learn has been ignited by the amazing creators, authors, and educators who’ve inspired me.

When I’m not writing code, I might be found cooking up random curries, playing overly-complex board games, hiking around Macau and Hong Kong, cultivating a tiny cactus garden and travelling to various countries.